A Garden To Have and To Hold Creating Miniature and Fairy Gardens

A Garden To Have and To Hold

Photo Credit: Kathryn Newman, Miniature Garden Shoppe

  • Posted November 1, 2011

Miniature gardens... a refreshing take on container gardening, an enchanting way to introduce children to the world of plants, and for those of you who must succumb to the changing of the seasons, a miniature garden is the perfect way to continue your love of gardening through the dismal days of winter. These little landscapes are simple and fun, can make a superb hostess gift or centerpiece for special occasions, and can even be therapeutic.

Any vessel that will hold soil and has the capacity to drain excess water will work. Be creative! An average potting soil used for any container will be sufficient. Here's the truly fun part... planning your garden. Create the garden of your dreams, a whimsical fairy garden or a holiday themed garden. Let your imagination flow. Visit your local craft store for inspiration. Tiny chairs, tables, watering cans, fences, arbors, stepping stones and the like, typically used for dollhouses become your charming garden features.

First, fill your container with potting soil. Lay out your plants and features on top of the soil in a pleasing manner. Once your garden plan has been established, start planting with the largest plant, as it will cause the most disruption to the soil. Follow with the remaining plants, remembering to make all sides of your miniature garden pleasing to the eye. Top the soil with tiny stones to help keep your garden tidy. Gently press the remaining features into place after you have carefully watered the container. Finally, place your garden in a location suited best for the plants you have chosen.

Take pleasure in tending your creation! A small amount of pruning and pinching will be needed to maintain your garden 'To Have and to Hold'.

For further information, supplies and design tips:

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A Garden To Have and To Hold
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Shopping List:

  • Container
  • Potting Soil
  • Miniature features
  • Miniature stones/gravel