Easy Container Combos four at the front door!

Easy Container Combos
  • Posted April 27, 2017

Entryway gardens are prime real estate in your landscape. They are the only part you are guaranteed to see every day and they are the first impression when a visitor comes to the door. If you're not in a position to renovate the entire entryway landscape, sprucing up the entrance to your home with a couple simple container plantings is the easy solution.

Start with two identical pots or planters (of the material that best suits the exterior of your home — wood, terra cotta, decorative cement, etc.) and plant a matching pair of plants in each one. The use of symmetry is the oldest design method in the book and is a failsafe way to create a sense of order and balance around your home — two qualities that you can't go wrong with.

In choosing the plants, there is also one simple rule: plant something with a pronounced upright growth habit in the middle of each pot and surround it with soft, trailing foliage that spills over the edges of the containers. The vertical accent is like a beacon, saluting you when you arrive home each day, while the flowing foliage is like a warm embrace — the perfect yin and yang. Here are a few example pairs.

Full Sun

Try Variegated dwarf New Zealand Flax with 'Homestead Purple' trailing verbena

New Zealand FlaxVerbena

Partial Shade

Try 'Sky Pencil' Japanese holly with 'Giant Snowflake' bacopa


Full Shade

Try 'Hicks' hybrid yew with 'Aurea' creeping Jenny

YewCreeping Jenny

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Easy Container Combos

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Colocasia & Calibrachoa

Boxwood & Silver Licorice Vine

Dwarf Azalea & Sweet Potato Vine