Fall is the time to plan and plant your spring garden. You will be so pleased you did next March and April, when a dreary winter has taken its toll and you are ready for warmer temps and the promise of spring. There will be your spring bulb garden blooming and adding a hopeful reminder of pleasant gardening days ahead.

  • Most flowering bulbs prefer full sun, which is abundant in the spring, before the trees leaf out.
  • Well-drained soil will prevent the bulbs from rotting in cool weather.
  • Plant bulbs with the pointed side up. You will see some shriveled roots on the flatter side.
  • Plant bulbs to a depth of about 3 times their diameter.
  • Mix some bone meal or superphosphate into the soil at the bottom of the hole at planting time. This encourages strong roots.
  • Cover the bulbs with soil. Water after planting, to help them settle, closing any air pockets.