Strawberries: Naturally Sweet and Fun to Eat

Strawberry plants are native to many regions throughout the world, but three types are most popular for home gardeners: June-bearing, Day-neutral and Everbearing.

June-bearing plants produce a large crop in June. After fruiting ends the plant grows vigorously, spreading by runners. Large berries are ideal for eating fresh or used in desserts.

Day-neutral plants produce smaller berries over a longer period of time on compact plants that spread slowly. Fruit size and uses are similar to Everbearing varieties.

Everbearing plants produce small berries. Compact plants spread slowly and produce many berries over a long season. Smaller berries freeze well and are good for preserves and jams or baked in cakes and muffins.

Strawberries are ideal for small-space gardens where they can be grown in pots, hanging baskets and window boxes.