Designing with Tiny Hostas

Designing with Tiny Hostas
  • Posted June 9, 2015

Miniature and dwarf Hosta varieties are increasingly available and endlessly inspiring for shady to partly shady planting areas, be they gardens or containers.

In the roomier space of a garden they can simply be placed forward of larger plants or used as a unique border. Where they really shine though, is tucked into nooks and crannies; rock gardens; miniature or fairy gardens and container gardens.

In pots, just using a mix of different colored and striped Hosta can give an eye pleasing planting. Don't be afraid to mix them with other plants, however.

Add a bit of contrast and movement by pairing them with fine textured shade lovers such as Carex or Acorus.


In a tall container, you can gracefully frame them with a base of small-leafed trailers such as licorice or Vinca vines.

Licorice VineVinca Vine

To get a bit jazzier, use a boldly hued coleus or a dramatic Colocasia in the center of miniature Hosta of a contrasting color.


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Designing with Tiny Hostas

General Hosta Size Groups

Mini: Less than 6" tall

Small/Dwarf: 6-10" tall

Medium: 11-18" tall

Large: 19-27" tall

Giant: 28" or taller