No-mow Yards Traditional turf yields to other possibilities

No-mow Yards
  • Posted May 1, 2014

The reduction or elimination of turf grass lawns has become a more appealing idea in the last few years as garden writers give us more details on how to do it beautifully; plant sellers are offering a wider selection of plants to do it with.

The options for replacing high maintenance turf include groundcovers, vegetable or herb beds, shorter-growing grass, patios and flower beds. 

Which option or combination of them will work best for you depends on your reasons for getting rid of grass:

      • Time Savings 
      • Reduced Environmental Impact
      • Appearance
      • Desired Use of Space

A quick scan of the following will help you decide which route you may want to go and focus in on which reference books or sites can best help you achieve your no mow goals!

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No-mow Yards

Variegated Sedge is a great option.

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Why go mowless?

  • To conserve water
  • To reduce use of chemicals
  • Gain time for yourself
  • Gain space for pretty or edible plants
  • Create habitat for garden benficial creatures