Quick & Fun DIY Plant Markers

Quick & Fun DIY Plant Markers
  • Posted September 8, 2014
Master Tag By far the easiest way to mark your plants is to use the label that was included with the plant! It has the name, size, description and care instructions on it. By golly, there may even be a photo on there to help you match the tag with the plant when their identity comes into question! Now for some people, that idea just may work, but others may want something a bit more decorative or unique to add to their space.
copper garden marker This is their cue to bust out those craft supplies and get creative! Plant markers can be made of anything and everything; from the ever popular hand written Popsicle® stick to something a little classier like recycled wine bottles. There are so many ideas to be borrowed from on the internet, just google plant markers and let your imagination run free! Try out one, two or all the ideas listed here for some easy do-it-yourself plant markers that will be a blast to make and look great with your plants.
chalkboard paint tag Chalkboard Paint
Chalkboard paint is a versatile product that has been used in many different projects, so why not go for it in the garden too? Use chalkboard paint on terra cotta pots and label your windowsill herb garden with ease. You can also paint it onto ceramic or wooden labels found at most home and garden or craft stores.
rocks Rocks 
Using paint and pens, you can transform some ordinary stones into super cool markers that totally rock! You can stencil plant names or paint what you have planted, like peas or corn, on the rock. Shoot, you could even use some glow in the dark paint for late night garden appeal.
stamped garden markers Stamps 
Stamping plant names onto your label of choice is simple and easy to read. If you have the proper tools, you can stamp metal labels for a more permanent marker. To take a step further, keep reading!
spoons Photo by Lee Meredith, leethal.net

Find some funky silverware at the flea market or thrift store and use them to hold empty seed packets or hand crafted labels on decorative paper. If you have time, tools and a handful of spoons, you can flatten out the spoons and stamp names into the metal.

Photo Credit: Photo by Lee Meredith, leethal.net

garden marker knick knack Knick Knacks
Use your sea shell collection and decoupage names or pictures on them. Finally get rid of the tiny farm animal or dinosaur toys your kids forgot about to hold a label you just made out of the empty milk jug. Save up wine bottles or soup can lids and write on them with paint pens or use some silly stickers with varnish.

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Quick & Fun DIY Plant Markers
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