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'P.J.M.' (Rhododendron hybrid)

This rhododendron's unusual variety name stands for "Peter J. Mezitt", who along with his son, Edmund, started the original hybridization work developing this variety back in the 1930's. The 'P.J.M.' rhododendron was developed to tolerate northern winters in the Midwest and New…

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Calitunia® (X Petchoa)

A cross between a Calibrachoa and Petunia. This breeding breakthrough combines reliable garden performance with a prolific display of small, charming Calibrachoa-like blooms.

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Abyssinian Lovegrass, Teff Grass (Eragrostis abyssinica)

Eragrostis is an important crop plant in its native range in Ethiopia (historically known as Abyssinia). It has found its way into ornamental use as a result of its beautiful texture, good drought tolerance, and general freedom from pest or diseases. Dense foliage is excellent for…

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Acalypha (Acalypha amentacea)

High impact color without flowers! Fantastic variegated foliage in blends of burgundy, copper, and green shades make this a wonderful garden accent on its own, or the perfect backdrop for bright blooming annuals.

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Achillea 'Moonshine' (Achillea hybrida)

Achillea is very durable, long-blooming, and drought tolerant! Light yellow flowers are carried on strong stems well-suited for cutting. The flowers attract butterflies to the garden.

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Achillea Hybrids (Achillea hybrida)

Ferny, softly textured foliage and large, long-lasting bloom clusters have earned Achillea status as a classic choice for the perennial garden. The many varieties available offer a nice range of bloom colors and plant sizes to fit most any garden.

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Achillea, Yarrow (Achillea species)

Achillea species are noted for their delicate, ferny foliage that brings a soft texture to the landscape. The bright blooms are a magnet for butterflies in the summer. This group of plants has remained a garden favorite for generations because of its exceptional tolerance to just…

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Acorn Squash 'Table Ace' (Cucurbita pepo)

‘Table Ace’ has a delicious nutty, lightly sweet flavor. All Acorn Squash are incredibly easy to prepare. Slice in half and you’ll have perfect single-size servings! Stores very well and can last 2-3 months if stored in a cool, dark storage area. To improve the vegetable…

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Acorn Squash (Cucurbita pepo)

Acorn Squash are a breeze to prepare and each half is a perfect single-size serving! Another nice feature of homegrown Acorn Squash is they can last 2-3 months when stored in a cool, dark storage area. Keep a bit of the stem intact when harvesting Squash, to improve the vegetable…

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Acorn Squash 'Taybelle PM' (Cucurbita pepo)

An excellent choice for small-space gardens. The compact, bushy plants require less space than other squash varieties without sacrificing yields. Acorn Squash are a breeze to prepare and each half is a perfect single-size serving! Last up to 2-3 months when stored in a cool, dark…

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