Pumpkin Panache … quick ideas for decorating with pumpkins

Pumpkin Panache
  • Posted October 28, 2013

Forget about jack ‘o lanterns! Let’s give some of those bright, plump pumpkins a more mature, yet still welcoming, role around the house and doorstep! Often an as they are presence is just the right touch, but here are a few other ideas that give big impact for little effort.

Small Pumpkins

Directly on the table, or in a large shallow bowl, stack a tumble of them into a mound and randomly add acorns, colorful leaves or mum flowers to some of the crevices in the pile.
pumpkin centerpiece


Write each guest’s name on an individual pumpkin or on a leaf wired to its stem, or make a slit in the top for insertion of a standard place card.


Carve out small pumpkin tops just enough to set votive candles into, or arrange pillar candles with mini-pumpkins amongst and surrounding them.
pumpkin votive holders


Use the place card ideas to make signs for food and drink buffets. Carve out as for votive holders, but use to hold shot glasses of toothpicks.


Line the entry walk or porch rail with small or mini-pumpkins for a warm and guiding welcome. Hang a wreath made of mini-pumpkins hot-glued into a circle.
pumpkin walkway

Larger Pumpkins

Print & decoupage dinner & cocktail menus, fall leaves or homey saying onto them


A large, scooped out pumpkin is the perfect bowl for autumn soups or rice dishes. Line it with foil or plastic wrap to hold chips or caramel corn. Bonus! Roast the scooped out seeds as an appetizer!
pumpkin soup bowl


Display some of autumn's favorite plants in a scooped out pumpkin. Try mums, asters, Heuchera, Sedum, succulents or violets.  Plant directly into the pumpkin with potting soil, or let it serve as a cover to a standard pot. Move plants into garden when pumpkin or timeliness expire.
pumpkin planter


Do a shallow carving, free-form or stenciled, of Welcome on the outside of a large pumpkinthen spray with clear sealer and place outside the front door.
welcome pumpkin

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Pumpkin Panache
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