Seed Catalogs (VIDEO)

Seed Catalogs (VIDEO)
  • Posted January 12, 2012

There is something hopeful about flipping through your favorite seed catalogs when the snow is flying and it seems like spring will never come. But seed catalog season is upon us. This age old pastime has brought hope and enjoyment to many.

MyGardenInsider is pleased to introduce Andy Krieger, 'The Garden Helper'. Andy is a forth generation flower grower in Jefferson, Iowa. He has a passion for gardening and a deep understanding of plant care. The Garden Helper, will be a regular video feature on MyGardenInsider. Today, Andy will discuss the winter pleasure of browsing through seed catalogs and planning next years garden.

Below are links to the websites of the Seed Catalogs that Andy mentions in the video.

Totally Tomatoes -
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds -
R.H. Shumways -
Terra Nova Nurseries -
Proven Winners -

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Seed Catalogs (VIDEO)