Vegetables Aren't Just for Eating

Vegetables Aren't Just for Eating

Photo Credit: Nikki Alford

  • Posted November 1, 2011

We all appreciate the bounty of a vegetable garden. And the fruit itself can be quite beautiful. But now there are some new introductions on the horizon that will take vegetables into flowerbeds and containers!

At the 2011 California Spring Trials, the premier showcase for breeder's new introductions, the UK's Floranova presented some stunning examples of vegetables bred for ornamental as well as culinary use.

Vegetalis, a separate corporate entity was formed by Floranova to specialize in the breeding, production and marketing of vegetable seed for the ornamental purposes, has been busy breeding an entire line of exciting and innovative varieties called Patio Edibles by Vegetalis.

They are designed to be grown in garden beds and decorative containers along with flowers, these new ornamental vegetables have the potential to take gardening in new directions.

One standout was the ornamental corn, Field of Dreams. Producing both attractive foliage and multicolored ears, it can be a great addition to a mixed container or grown in flowerbeds or vegetable gardens.

You can see more about Field of Dreams at the Floranova website.

Gerry Giorgio
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Gerry Giorgio is an artist, urban gardener, and the Marketing Manager at MasterTag – a horticultural printing company.

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Vegetables Aren't Just for Eating