Chrysanthemum Centerpieces in Bulb Pans

Chrysanthemum Centerpieces in Bulb Pans
  • Posted September 18, 2016

Potted Mums have long been popular as fall décor. Their height, however, caused centerpiece honors to go to shorter (and shorter-lived) cut flowers. A new trend in potted mums allows you to have the longer lasting beauty of live Chrysanthemums and still view your dinner companions across the table.

The standard deep pots of large mums have been replaced with shallower and wider containers, known as bulb pans, planted with dwarfed mums. This combination makes for lush mounds of blooms that can be appreciated for weeks and don't need to be banished from the table for blocking Aunt Edna's face during the Thanksgiving feast!

These bulb pan mums can be found at florists, nurseries, big box stores and grocers' floral departments. One well-established line to look for in bulb pan mums is “Fleurettes" from Syngenta Flowers/Yoder Mums. They offer a nice range of colors and a very high bloom count. You might want to pick up an extra one to gift to Aunt Edna!

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Chrysanthemum Centerpieces in Bulb Pans

Jazz 'em Up!

Drop the bulb pan into a shallow:

  • basket
  • wooden crate
  • crockery bowl