Coral Bells are Hot! Courtesy of the National Garden Bureau

  • Posted March 19, 2012

Heucheras are all-American, literally. Different species hail from the islands off the California coast to the highest mountains in the Rockies to the Gulf of Mexico. With this diverse range of habitat, these plants are able to find a niche in everyone's garden. Breeders in America and Europe have taken a well-aimed swipe of a paintbrush between these species, and have assembled a plethora of plants with amazing flower and foliage forms that didn’t exist a scant ten years ago. Not only are these plants aesthetically pleasing, but they have become stronger, fuller, and more disease resistant. With few pests, great adaptability to containers and a seemingly unending number of forms, heuchera should be in everyone's garden!

There are nearly 50 species of heuchera inhabiting woodlands, prairies, and mountainous regions. Before the new wave of hybrid heuchera, many coral bells claimed a heritage that included only one species, H. sanguinea; the coral bells of your grandmother. Today, however, in order to give gardeners stronger, prettier plants, breeders

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