New and Truly Improved!

New and Truly Improved!
  • Posted April 30, 2012

Susan Martin of Walter’s Gardens recently gave a roomful of eager gardeners the insider scoop on some fresh perennial intros that trump the old ones. We at My Garden Insider value Susan and Walter’s insights as they are the leading grower of bare root perennials in the U.S., supplying the “baby plants” that are grown out for retail sale at garden centers, small and large, throughout the country. Most importantly, they test the plants they sell in their trial and display gardens, so they see their performance up close and multiple times, before deeming them worthy of bringing to market.

As the marketing manager for Walter’s Gardens, Susan does all the write-ups for their many varieties, to inform both growers and consumers. She clearly and enthusiastically pointed out the qualities in these newer varieties that many time, space and/or budget crunched gardeners are looking for. Such things as more or longer lasting flowers, compact habits that don’t need staking, disease resistance and tolerance of heat, humidity and drought were top attributes of the newer varieties. 

Walter’s Gardens has a consumer gardening site, Perennial Resource, where this and other valuable information can be found. Once on the site you will find a huge bonus! Being a distributor of the plants detailed on the website they know who is selling them and are eager to let gardeners know… simply click on the Find a Professional tab, type in your zip code, and get your shopping list ready!

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New and Truly Improved!

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