Our Favorite Garden Tools

Our Favorite Garden Tools
  • Posted December 3, 2012

The horticultural staff here at MGI is more than eager to share what some of our most beloved, go-to gardening tools are. Years of hands-on experience has taught all of us the value of good tools that we can rely on help to keep gardening tasks more enjoyable than wearisome.

Here's the down and get-your-hands-dirty hit list, with our comments, and of course links to where you can buy them for your own garden shed or to gift to a fellow gardener!


Rainforest Sprinkler – “Waters more deeply, and more evenly, in less time than conventional sprinklers."

Rain barrel – “In addition to using resources wisely, I'd rather lug a small bucket as needed than lug a hose around the garden." And, of course, you can attach a hose to a rain barrel that has a spigot if that does work better for your garden and watering style.


Cobra Weeder – “An effective and comfortable weeding tool; it quickly clears tiny weeds and rips out big tough weeds. Also works wonderfully for soil scratching and making seed trenches."

Cape Cod Weeder – “I've had mine for over 20 years. Best weeder I've ever used because you can get in underneath roots and really pull on them, even in tight spaces, without disturbing surrounding plants."


Bulb Planter –“Not only for bulbs, it pulls plugs for planting beds of annuals."


D-handled spade – “For its stability and the fact that I am more likely, than with a long handled spade, to properly utilize my legs and abs, thus saving my back from strain."

Aluminum Trowel from Corona – “Light weight, but strong with a very comfy handle."


Fiskar Take-Apart, Soft Grip Garden Shears – “Perfect for a multitude of deadheading and harvesting tasks. The blades easily twist apart, with no tools, for sharpening and cleaning."

Felco Pruners – “Classic, tough, reliable …they work hard, well and comfortably."


Majik Wheelbarrow – “Double-wheels eliminate need for balancing."

Buckets of all sizes – for water, weeds, dirt, harvests

Garden Cart - “It's great for carting my favorite buckets or lined with a tarp for dirt and mulch or firewood. I like pulling a cart better than pushing a wheelbarrow."

Personal Comfort

Knee pad – "Enough said!"

Good-fitting Gloves – Give you a better grip while protecting hands from cuts, abrasions, blisters and drying out.


Twisted supports - Like these “The only thing I like to use for my tomatoes. Way better than a cage in my book."

Renee's Garden Cookbooks - “My favorite gardening tool is Renee's cookbooks – I have both"

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Our Favorite Garden Tools

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