Pittsburgh's Randyland A place of magical transformation

Pittsburgh's Randyland
  • Posted December 10, 2014

randyland fence and open sign

Pittsburgh has transformed itself over several decades from a historically grimy city into one of the cleanest and greenest in North America. One man embraced the idea of cleaning up his own Pittsburgh neighborhood to make it a more pleasant place for himself and his neighbors.

Randyland front porch

Randy Gilson ran full steam ahead with his cleaning up and coloring up via gardens and artistic repurposing. The results have now become a tourist attraction and yes, made the neighborhood known as the Mexican War streets a much more hopeful and inspiring place to live.

randyland sign post rooster and bright wall at randyland randyland

While he spread his touch throughout the neighborhood, there is a grouping of several buildings and a courtyard that make up the most impressive portion of his endeavors….RANDYLAND!!

bright furniture at randyland

main gate randyland

metal chair collection randyland

Yes, RANDYLAND really should be introduced with a joyful shout to do it justice. It consists of gardens and murals set off by artistic groupings and sculptural assemblages of found objects – most painted in a rainbow of vivid hues.

inside of randyland front porch bright deck stairs and rails at Randyland bright cahirs and birds on Randyland deck with mural

If you can't get there in person, you can find RANDYLAND online.

side fence randyland

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Pittsburgh's Randyland