Bring the Tropics Inside with Plants Pulled from Outside Summer’s bold outdoor accents thrive as houseplants too!

Bring the Tropics Inside with Plants Pulled from Outside
  • Posted September 12, 2014
Picture yourself in a tropical paradise. Imagine the warmth from the sun, the vivid colors and intoxicating exotic scents that only a tropical garden can invoke. Now picture that same tropical paradise in your home while the seasons outside are changing and winter waits to make an appearance.
tropical paradise

Many of the plants we use outside to decorate our landscapes and outdoor living spaces can do double duty in the home during those long cold winter months. Choosing plants with vivid colors, large leaves or a unique bloom will help bring the tropics inside.

For a lush jungle-like feel, start with a no brainer like a palm or banana tree. Palm trees will instill an equatorial feeling and are easy to grow. Try a Dwarf Pygmy Palm or Sago Palm if your space is limited. Banana Trees will give your space vertical appeal, creating a lush canopy or backdrop for other plants. Another popular tree that can offer up a taste of the tropics is the Ficus. Check out the Fiddle Leaf Fig and fall in love with its big floppy leaves.
Sago Palm dwarf banana Fiddle Leaf Fig
Sago Palm Dwarf Banana Fiddle Leaf Fig

Once you have your trees in place, fill in your surroundings with boldly colored foliage selections. Go wild with the endless options available to create your paradise. Crotons are a popular plant for outdoor and interior scapes. Their multihued leaves stand out amongst other plants and are low maintenance. To complement the stiff, leather like texture of the Croton, intermingle your space with ferns. They’ll add softness to the scene and won’t require much light. Traditional plants, such as dracaena and dieffenbachia are fun too.

Croton Dracaena Diffenbachia
Croton Dracaena Diffenbachia

A tropical paradise wouldn’t be complete with the presence of bold vivacious blooms. Streptocarpella has blue blooms on thin stems that will dance among the other plants. Orchids, cannas and bromeliads will add color and a unique shape that will make your living quarters come alive. Don’t forget the huge flowers of the Hibiscus too!

Streptocarpella Orchids Canna Lily Bromeliad Hibiscus
Streptocarpella Orchid Canna Lily Bromeliad Hibiscus
fiddle leaf fig amongst home decor Together with your collection of botanical beauty, use containers, design elements such as fabrics, bamboo screens and other tropic infused knick knacks in your pursuit of paradise within your home. Keep that vision of your tropical oasis in your mind and you’ll have no problem bringing to life.

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