Fashionable Planting Containers Get Your Garden Glam On

Fashionable Planting Containers

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  • Posted August 14, 2014

Even if you can’t afford a designer garden you can still create a fun and fashionable plant display that looks like a million bucks! A quick scavenge in your closet or a run to the thrift store will get you started, with purses or shoes to serve as planters. Add a bit of potting mix and some small plants and you’ve got backyard, balcony or front porch couture. Even old sneakers and work boots look chic when planted up!

Check out these bits of inspiration:


From the Thrifty Rebel at Hometalk 

From Jamie McIntosh in’s Flower Garden Idea section

From Kerry Michaels in’s Container section


Another from’s Kerry Michaels

Find a mix of shoe planter ideas at Interiorholic

And a DIY on platform soled stilettos at DIY Fun Ideas

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Fashionable Planting Containers