Succulents in Hypertufa

Succulents in Hypertufa
  • Posted August 7, 2014

Plump-leaved succulents and earthy looking hypertufa containers are a perfect match! Hypertufa offers the drainage that drought thriving succulents need and is a lightweight alternative to the cement troughs of old that it emulates. It’s also much lighter on the budget and is easy to DYI.

  • Succulents in hypertufa should be planted into cactus mix.
  • Watering should be a thorough soaking, when the mix is truly dry – rather than shallow frequent watering.
  • If you are placing a hypertufa container on a surface that could be damaged by water, be sure to place a saucer beneath it.

hens and chicks in hypertufa

Many garden centers offer classes on making hypertufa containers, providing all the materials and instruction to complete one. The following websites also offer excellent guidance and clear tool and supply lists for do-it-at-home hypertufa projects:

  • Fine Gardening's pages offer step by step instructions, each accompanied by helpful photos. 
  • If you have some woodworking skills, This Old House can guide you through building a wooden form and using it to make a more formal looking hypertufa trough. 

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Succulents in Hypertufa