Fire Smart Plants

Fire Smart Plants
  • Posted September 22, 2014

If you live in the fire prone regions of the North America, you may desire a garden that fires the imagination and warms the spirit, but ultimately you also need landscaping that doesn’t provide fuel for wildfires.

We’ve scoped out three well qualified sites, for those in fire regions, to help in planning a fire resistant garden. Also, be sure to check out the story about the value of succulents as fire barriers.

Sunset magazine offers a quick guide to fire zones and 5 great plants to use there.

Firesmart Canada offers a downloadable guide to fire smart landscaping, with great DYI details and helpful plant lists.

The Wildfire Branch of the British Columbia Ministry also offers up plant lists along articles on fire prevention and protection.

The guru of succulent gardens and décor, Debra Lee Baldwin, shares an awesome story of succulents saving a home from fire.

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Fire Smart Plants