Melons: Cool Treats for Hot Summer Days

Nothing says “summer” like a sweet, juicy melon on a hot day. The key to growing delicious melons is allowing the fruit to ripen on the vine. Melons picked too early will get softer as they ripen but not sweeter. Since melons on a single vine will ripen at different times each should be harvested as it is ready. So how to tell if a melon is ripe?

•Underside of the melon turns from green to light yellow at the spot where the melon touches the ground.

•Follow your nose; ripe melons have a light, sweet smell. A strong odor may indicate that a melon is overripe. 

•Melons are mostly water so the melon should feel heavy for its size.

•Muskmelons detach easily (“slip”) away from their stem when ripe.