Autumn Inspiration Syngenta Pansies refresh the autumn view

Autumn Inspiration
  • Posted October 15, 2013

Summer has quietly slipped away and our annual pots and plantings are starting to fade and lose their lustre. But it doesn't mean that it's time to just add the plants to the compost pile and clean and store the pots until next spring. With the improvements being made in cold tolerant Pansies, our containers and landscapes can be updated with a flush of fresh harvest colors for autumn.

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Syngenta Flowers, one of the world's leading plant breeders, offers two autumn inspired mixes in their Delta™ series that are perfect for greeting fall with a warm and flowery welcome:

Pumpkin Pie Mix
Delta™ Pumpkin Pie Mix

A tasty blend of large blooms of pure deep orange, pure white, and soft pure pale yellow stirred up with some flowers with dark, rich blotches.

apple cider mix
Delta™ Apple Cider

This mix will please the gardener who would like to add rose hues to their autumn palette. Clear pale yellow has been combined with shades of red, gold, and warm rose for a delightful twist.

Syngenta Flowers is dedicated to breeding innovative flower varieties that offer outstanding performance in … the landscape and in the home garden.

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Nancy Stebbins is a proud Michigan State University alumna, a landscape designer, and horticulturist at MasterTag – a horticultural printing company.

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Autumn Inspiration

Heuchera varieties offer interesting colors.

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