Houseplants with Fall Flair Going live with autumn décor

Houseplants with Fall Flair
  • Posted October 5, 2017

Whether you wish to freshen up your display of gourds and Indian corn or replace it all together, live plants can handle the decor job for autumn and beyond. While some prefer a short stay, others are tropical selections that will thrive in the house year-round. The short-timers can be disposed of as you would a bouquet of cut flowers or planted into the landscape if the weather allows. Below are some top choices that display or complement traditional autumn hues.



Variegated Croton

Bold leaves with orange and yellow or burgundy accents


Black or Burgundy Colocasia

Dramatically large and dark leaves


Burgundy Tradescantia

Dark trailing leaves, lit with silver striping


Red Dracaena

Spiky leaves of deep red




A range of autumn hues on daisy-like to pom-pom blooms



Dainty to large daisy blooms in a range of colors


Burgundy Upright Sedum

Juicy-looking leaves and warmly colored blooms

Garden Sage

Garden Sage

Soft, silvery purple foliage brings contrast and invigorating scent

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Houseplants with Fall Flair

Houseplants & Autumn Decor

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