Miniature Roses are Quick & Fabulous Indoor Décor! A Few Decorating and Care Tips

Miniature Roses are Quick & Fabulous Indoor Décor!
  • Posted November 13, 2014

Miniature roses are often found side by side with cut flower bouquets - enticing you to gift a sick friend or celebrate a loved one, but don’t overlook them as an instant home décor accessory for yourself!

Buy one or several, then get your mini-rose glam on with these tips:


  • Plant one into container with English ivy at its base
  • Display a solo one where its simple beauty can shine uncluttered
  • Group several of them together, but each in a sleek pot of a differing height
  • Surround them with holiday ornaments or tuck one into a seasonal centerpiece
  • Choose different bloom colors to suit the season, your decor colors or your mood
  • Place some among other pots of plants having broad leaves to serve as a backdrop for the rose blooms


LIGHT: The majority of an indoor rose’s daylight hours should be in bright light for all of the buds to burst into beautiful bloom.  Don’t be afraid to shift it to the dimly lit dining room as a centerpiece for the evening, just place it back in the light during the day.

WATER: Allow the soil surface to dry before giving a thorough watering. Avoid getting water on the leaves.

ONCE BLOOMING ENDS: Once blooming stops or you simply tire of them, miniature roses are inexpensive enough to be disposed of without monetary guilt. Re-bloom is possible, but requires supplemental lighting, pruning, fertilizing and a dose of luck. The types of miniature roses sold in floral shops and departments, rather than outdoor garden centers, are selected to grow indoors and generally will not thrive if you attempt to transplant them into the garden.  

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Miniature Roses are Quick & Fabulous Indoor Décor!

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