Patriotic Flower Plantings Say HOORAY FOR THE RED, WHITE AND BLUE!

Patriotic Flower Plantings
  • Posted June 30, 2014

The month of July is traditionally the perfect time of year to hold family reunions and cookouts. Many people will hold these events near the beginning of the month to include Independence Day into their festivities. And while some hosts spend months preparing and planning for the ultimate party, 4th of July allows us to relax a bit and enjoy an old-fashioned and traditional gathering with simple, unique decorations of patriotic annual plantings.


The patriotic color theme is very easy to achieve with annual plants. The key to success is to make sure that the plants that you combine have similar light and moisture requirements. The rest should be as easy as 1-2-3… or red-white-blue!

Flowering centerpieces can be as simple and eye-catching as 3 clay pots: one planted with a red petunia, one with white, and one with blue. The clay pots can be left natural, or consider painting them, adding ribbon to their rims, or inserting small American flags into them.

red petunia white petunia blue petunia

Consider using this same idea for larger patio containers by planting each of three containers with a single color and grouping the containers together on the patio. Or combine your plants into one container, remembering that they will need to have similar light and moisture requirements.

red white blue petunia container

For a sunny location, the tried-and-true red geranium surrounded by white alyssum and blue ageratum is as nostalgic a planting as they come! Add a green or variegated dracaena spike in the center for a “sparkler” effect.

red geranium white alyssum Blue Ageratum spike
Geranium Alyssum Ageratum Dracaena Spike

For a shady location, combine red and white begonias or impatiens with blue lobelia or torenia.

red begonia white impatiens blue lobelia
Begonia Impatiens Lobelia

Some annuals are available in all three colors, so perhaps consider planting an all-petunia or all-verbena container for sunny locations.

Again, it’s the patriotic color combination that is important. If you have colored containers, like a stunning blue ceramic pot, skip the blue flowering annuals and plant it up with red and white flowers or foliage.

Preparing for an Independence Day celebration should be as easy as baseball and apple pie.

red begonia picket fence

Nancy Stebbins
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Nancy Stebbins is a proud Michigan State University alumna, a landscape designer, and horticulturist at MasterTag – a horticultural printing company.

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Patriotic Flower Plantings