A Painting Comes to Life... Literally!

A Painting Comes to Life... Literally!

Photo Credit: Art Institute of Chicago, Joseph Winterbotham Collection & National Gallery, London

  • Posted November 1, 2011

Many are familiar with Vincent Van Gogh and his still life paintings of sunflowers and irises. But in 1889, while at the St-Rémy mental asylum, near Arles, France, he painted some of his most amazing and turbulent work. One painting during this period is A Wheatfield, with Cypresses. Swirling clouds, swaying cypress trees and an undulating wheat field gives one the impression that this entire painting is moving before your eyes. It is a stunning example of an expression of a genius, struggling with his demons. The painting resides at the National Gallery in London.

Now, with a horticultural twist to an interpretation of this fabulous work, a horticulture and design company called ANS Group Europe, that specializes in green roof construction, has created a living version of Van Gogh's painting to draw attention to the National Gallery.

Using 8,000 plants and 25 different varieties, they created a living wall of art. To see this fantastic blending of art and plant life, visit www.freshome.com/2011/06/09/living-wall-in-london-mimics-van-goghs-painting/.

Gerry Giorgio
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Gerry Giorgio is an artist, urban gardener, and the Marketing Manager at MasterTag – a horticultural printing company.

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A Painting Comes to Life... Literally!