California Spring Trials The Horticulture Industry's showcase for all that is new

California Spring Trials

Photo Credit: Mastertag

  • Posted November 1, 2011

Each year, the horticulture industry participates in a major event known as the California Spring Trials. This is the opportunity for breeders to showcase their new introductions to growers, seed distributors and retailers. What is shown at the trials will typically make its way into retail garden centers the following season.

The origin of the trials goes back to 1967, when flower breeder, Glenn Goldsmith, invited some seed distributors out to his California location to view his latest breakthrough introductions. He showed them grown in 'packs', the ubiquitous growing container of the time, staged side by side with the competition's varieties. This was done to demonstrate the superior performance of the Goldsmith line.

Since then, other breeders began to stage their own trials. It gradually evolved to include many breeders from around the world. In 2011, the name changed from 'Pack Trial' to Spring Trial', better representing the wide diversity of the displays and has become the landmark floral exposition it is today.

Gerry Giorgio
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Gerry Giorgio is an artist, urban gardener, and the Marketing Manager at MasterTag – a horticultural printing company.

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California Spring Trials
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