Old School Plants Making a Comeback!

Old School Plants Making a Comeback!
  • Posted June 18, 2015

On a recent trek through retail nurseries we noticed a comeback that would make many a great grandparent smile. Three garden classics are now being offered in modern day versions. Give them a try and you'll be smiling too!


These beautiful blooms are being sold as gorgeous container plantings, so no need to worry about went to plant out tubers. From pastel to deep and dark there's a shade of Dahlia for any sunny patio or deck.


A tropical looker for shady areas, these are traditionally planted as bulbs in spring, with timing and survival being iffy in Northern climes. Now, however, you can find them already growing vigorously in pots to take home and plant into your garden or decorative containers.

Rex Begonias

Another foliage beauty queen for shade, has had a wonderful multiplying of available varieties as of late. From bright silver to rich burgundy there's color of Rex to bring out the best in any shady plant companion. These lovelies are trending at horticulture trade shows too, so expect to see even more of them!

Dawn Sherwood
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Dawn Ochsner is a landscape designer and garden writer.

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Old School Plants Making a Comeback!