Photo Art with Plants

Photo Art  with Plants
  • Posted January 8, 2015
While Mother Nature does an awesomely artistic job with her plant creations, some photographers are doing equally awesome reinterpretations. Check these out!

sarah illenberger flowerwork image

Flowers as Fireworks

Sarah Illenberger offers "A photographic series of flowers arranged in the style of fireworks." that she calls Flowerworks. They transport you to a dreamy rememberance of the oohs and ahhs of firework-filled childhood evenings.

Image Credit: Sarah Illenberger

tropical mix from perfectcompanionsbook

Sensible Companions, Sensuous Portraits

In a perfect collaboaration, garden guru Ken Druse and artist Ellen Hovercamp created a book that is both a reference guide and a visual feast. Natural Companions; The Garden Lover's Guide to Plant Combinations (Abrams Books) features compositions of plants that are well-matched for growing together - arranged and photo-scanned in a way that reinforces their visual compatability while providing a freshly styled feast for the eyes.

Image Credit, left and thumbnail: Ellen Hovercamp

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Photo Art  with Plants