Plant Brands are worth seeking out

Plant Brands are worth seeking out
  • Posted June 5, 2014

PW shrubs at Weesies Montague MI

While branded plants flaunting special pots and logos, along with celebrity gardener endorsements, may seem like a marketing ploy - there are solid reasons to seek them out. Now popular brands - such as Blooms of Bressingham and Proven Winners- put years of searching, researching and testing into plants to ensure they give the performance you pay for.

PW perennial sedum at Weesies Montague MI

These brands receive plants from professional and amateur plant breeders, as well as plant explorers, from around the globe. Plants that grab their interest are then test-grown in a variety of climates so their garden performance can be evaluated. Out of thousands of varieties tested only a small percentage gain brand approval for the marketplace. Much focus is placed on traits valuable to modern gardeners and plant lovers, such as compact or tidy growth habits, long bloom periods, disease and drought resistance, and multi-season beauty and performance.

PW rose at Weesies Montague MI

So, no harm in keeping up with the brand-name Jones if it means everyone's gardens and containers shine!

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Plant Brands are worth seeking out